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23.03.2015 -
Acid Rain essaysAcid Rain is a serious problem with many effects. Every day this problem increases. Many scientist believe that this issue is too small to deal with, but if the acid rain problem is not met with head on, the effects on people, plants, animals, and the economy will only worsen. In t.
Explanation of the causes, the consequences, and the solutions of acid rain. Information about acid rain's chemical formations and reactions.
Acid rain occurs when harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide react with rain. This type of rain damages trees, crops and buildings. Industries and power stations release a lot of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Exhaust fumes and open-air burning release carbon dioxide into the
Free acid rain papers, essays, and research papers.
A good topic for a cause and effect paper might be acid rain. In this post, we will provide you with a good sample essay on this topic.
Below is an excellent essay example that looks at the problem of acid rains. Feel free to read this paper sample that can certainly help you out.
P2 Smoke release by the factory contain dust / soot / lead P3 Gases released by the factory contain carbon dioxide/ carbon monoxide/ sulphur dioxide / nitrogen oxide P4 Nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide dissolve in water in the clouds P5 Forming nitric acid and sulphuric acid P6 Form acid rain P7 Destroy photosynthetic
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